Audio: Manchester United’s 3 Needs

Well, well, well. We here at Get In, You Beauty! are always toying with innovation. Always trying to keep you on your tiptoes with something new. So here we are:

This blog is now going to feature sporadic (bare bones, raw and uncut, asbestos dripping from the pipes) podcast episodes featuring the dulcet tones of yours truly. The reasoning and ambition behind this new element is simple: sometimes I need to rant for 15 minutes and that doesn’t always translate into a palatable post.

Admittedly, there’s also a hint of selfishness involved: I have helped create a podcast named With Aplomb I co-host with my business partner also about football (it is much more entertaining and wide ranging than what you’ll find here so please go check that out on all your favorite platforms!), and my yammering here will afford me practice, but more importantly, a proper venue to banter and babble about intriguing stories flitting about right now in the world of football.

This is all in the name of the sport we love. I want to continually celebrate the culture and help bring people together as we all frolic in the splendor that is football. Football has given me so much, and remains a monstrous part of my life, so it is important that I give back to the game in any way that I can. And as often as possible. This is fun for me and at times, I think and hope, will be enjoyable and informative for some of you.

But anyway, here is the first offering focused on the necessity for Manchester United to rebuild with a genuine fervor. In this diatribe I highlight three major weaknesses the club should address this summer with, of course, Ole at the wheel.

 Manchester United’s 3 Needs

I will still be writing and growing the GIYB blog, DO NOT FRET YOUNG’Ns. The podcast will be available on more platforms as time slinks along. Please comment or reach out on any topics you want to see covered. I will do my best to objectively cover many happenings of interest across the footballing globe.



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